UK baby-killer nurse Lucy Letby to spend rest of her life in jail

UK killer nurse Lucy Letby has been sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering seven infants and trying to kill another six babies by Judge James Goss in a court verdict on Monday. A judge in Manchester, northwest England, handed nurse Lucy Letby a rare whole-life order — the most severe punishment available and reserved only […]

Scientist reveals the secret to slow down your aging clock with four keys

Have you ever wished you could turn back the clock on aging and enjoy a longer, healthier life? The key might be closer than you think. Scientists have been exploring ways to measure your biological age – a measure of how your health stacks up against your actual age. While testing methods have become trendy, […]

Legal Challenges to Abortion Medication Could Set Off a Domino Effect for Access

A federal appeals court this week ruled that mifepristone—a drug used in half of all U.S. abortions that has come under legal fire this year—should remain available, but with significant restrictions on its use. The ruling has no immediate effect on the availability of mifepristone. The Supreme Court may take up the case next, meaning […]