What should have been a moment of pride for the nation of Spain, after its women’s soccer team won the World Cup on Sunday, was left stained by the actions of one man.

The Spanish soccer federation (RFEF) president, Luis Rubiales, has come under fire for apparently forcibly kissing a player on the mouth following the nation’s historic win against England. Rubiales’ behavior, which was circulated in videos on social media, sparked widespread condemnation, including from several Spanish ministers.

Rubiales was captured on camera taking Spanish forward Jenni Hermoso by the head and kissing her during the official post-match ceremony. Rubiales was also seen embracing other players in hugs and kissing them on the cheek, but he did not kiss anyone else on the lips.

“I didn’t like it,” Hermoso said during a livestream video from the locker room shared afterwards. She has since defended Rubiales, telling media outlets that they have a great working relationship and it was a “natural gesture of affection and gratitude.”

But kissing Hermoso was not his only act that fans say crossed the line. Rubiales was also shown entering the women’s dressing room after the trophy lift, where he reportedly joked that the soccer federation would fly the team to Ibiza, where he would marry Hermoso. He was also filmed next to Queen Letizia of Spain making what appeared to be a gesture involving his crotch.

Rubiales initially dismissed his critics, calling them “idiots,” but he apologized for his behavior on Monday in a video, saying: “I made a mistake, for sure.”

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